Integrating Music into PJ Programs

25 April 2017

By: Miss Emily

I was SO thrilled to be invited to the annual PJ Library conference. I knew it would be a great place to try to get some more gigs, and I hope it would mean that I could get more work traveling to sing and do workshops- but I was pleasantly surprised that the experience was much bigger and better. I felt so personally affirmed, amongst a crowd of people dedicated to engaging young children and their families, and so excited and hopeful because the people were all awesome and kind! 

Links/Downloads for workshop participants:
Powerpoint Presentation from Workshop
Active Illustrators Example
Zipper Songwriting Example
Singable Stories Lists
Musical Manipulatives for 0-3s List
Jewish Family Jams, Music and Movement for little kids and their grown ups 

If there is something else you want/need/wonder, please let me know, write [email protected] :)

PS- Just in case you don't know yet, PJ Library is an AMAZING program that sends FREE books and music to Jewish kids. If this is news to you, go to ASAP to learn more and sign up.

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