I'm so glad you are interested in this topic! I collected a LOT of information, so I've got a few different ways that you can learn about the project and its' findings. (pssss- facilitators, see what I did here? Some people want ALL the information, some people want a video, some people want to read a synopsis, some people might want to talk about it... inviting people to choose from many options you offer so they can explore and engage with the content you wish to share is a strategy that increases the chances your material will reach a larger audience. You can do that while facilitate worship experiences for kids and families, too ;) )

Synopsis of research in NewCAJE's journal The Jewish Educator (12 pages) The Impact and Influence of“Tot Shabbat” Participation

Animated summary of project's findings:

Click to access entire dissertation (200 pages) : Exploring Tot Shabbat: A Study on Tot Shabbat Programs and Their Effect On The Engagement In Jewish Life For Families With Young Children

In addition to spending lots of my time dancing with toddlers and sitting on the floor singing with babies, I have been a college student for almost the entirety of my adult life- but I'm now all done, officially! I am so excited to share my findings, and thrilled that through extensive analysis and data collection, I have insights that will help communities improve their efforts to engage families with young children.  

It is a privilege to support the sacred work of communities that want to improve and increase their efforts to engage and educate young children and their families. I am available to consult, facilitate services, present workshops, and more- please reach out to me so we can talk about how I can support your efforts.

Recording of webinar presentation of research to USCJ:

Slides from Dissertation Presentation

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