Shalom, Baby!

Shalom, Baby! (2016)

This album was inspired by Miss Emily's journey into motherhood. After a few months at home with her new baby, Talya, Emily brought her to work, teaching music in Jewish Early Childhood Learning Centers. Her experience with young children coupled with her new identity as a parent inspired her to to create a Parent/Child program she calls "Jewish Family Jams" and this album is a collection of tunes shared in those sessions. Learn more about Jewish Family Jams



  1. Shalom, Shalom! 
  2. How Good It Is, How Sweet It Is (Hinei Mah Tov Psalm 133)
  3. Thank You! (Modeh Ani)
  4. Diaper Time! 
  5. Hole-y Body (Asher Yatsar
  6. Hebrew Body Moves 
  7. ATSOR! (STOP!) 
  8. Makin’ Music (Psalm 150) 
  9. Shalom, Peek A Boo! 
  10. Bubbles Mah Rabu 
  11. Thank You G-d, For This Day! (Shehechiyanu
  12. Miriam’s Song (Mi Chamocha
  13. Please (Sim Shalom
  14. Peaceful Parachute (Sukat Shalom
  15. Hello Blessing, Bye-Bye Stressing 
  16. Family Blessing (Y’varechecha
  17. Peaceful Way (Shalom Alechem)
  18. I’m Here

"When my twins are screaming in the car, I can put this album on an somehow, like magic, they calm down."- Lindsay, Mom

Listen and Learn- Track 17: 

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