Good Choices! Volumes 1 & 2

Good Choices! Volumes 1 & 2

These CDs reflect Jewish values in simple language.This project was commissioned by the Rosenfeld Foundation at the University of Miami to complement the Legacy Project: Early Childhood Edition book Exploring Jewish Values Through Children's Literature, which Emily also co-edited with Dr. Anita Meinbach. The book is a collection of 24 lesson plans based on a secular children's books to teach Jewish values. 




Volume 1: 

1. Do A Little
2. It Is Me
3. Kinds of Smart
4. Sharing Is Caring
5. Protect My Body
6. You Get What You Get
7. Tikkun Olam
8. Uh Oh
9. It Only Takes One
10. Diversity
11. El Na
12. Be Kind
13. Dancin’ Song

Volume 2
1. Legacy
2. 3 Things
3. Grateful!
4. Justice
5. Want to Be Smart?
6. Rabbi Hillel’s Golden Rule
7. All The World’s Animals
8. One Step At A Time
9. Learning Torah
10. Think You Can
11. All Of Israel
12. Kol HaKavod
13. Gonna’ Make Peace


"My kids LOVE Miss Emily. They ask to have her CD played all the the time. They dance and sing non stop!

I would suggest this album to anyone who loves music, the songs are so fun!"- Melissa Engelberg
"Emily's music is super fun and accessible. The tracks feature the pleasant vocal stylings of Emily, some great guitar solos, sax solos, harmonies, and the smooth sound of a gospel choir!"- Scott Leader


Listen and Learn- Track 7:

Miss Emily helped the children re-write the lyrics to "Tikun Olam" to reflect the ways that they each want to fix the world. Enjoy their work:

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