I love many Jewish traditions- but the ritual of welcoming Shabbat each week and blessing one another is one of my favorites. I wrote this tune (which might be my personal favorite and the one I share most frequently) not only to make the text and meaning of the tradition 'Priestly Blessing' more accessible to young children and families- but to create a dynamic that invites all of the family members to recognize and to be appreciated for the contributions that they make. 

As we prepare to celebrate 5780, I've added a verse with lyrics to reflect the wishes and blessings my family is sharing with each other and the world. I plan to start off the blessing song this way, asking everyone to echo me, as they sing to one another- then we'll go into the standard voices, taking turns:

It is the New Year
It will be sweet
We say Shana Tova
To people we greet
We'll grow, learn and love
Try things that are new
Find time each day
For a thoughtful review:
Did I make good choices?
Did I make a mistake?
Could it be different next time?
What steps can I take?
Should I ask for help?
Or can I help out a friend?
Cause' I'm learning and growing...
I can make amends.

May God Bless Us, May God Keep Us.... (back to original lyrics and blessing sharing)

Family Blessing by Emily Teck Music I make my music available free of charge as I create it for sharing, and the music allows other leaders to do just that- but if you are willing to leave a review, make a recommendation to a colleague IRL or social media, and/or able to post  picture/video of you sharing the song, those are each valuable ways to support my work in lieu of money. 

A few examples of how I like to share the tune:

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