Every Day!

Every Day! (2011)

This album is a collection of songs inspired from Jewish text, mostly from the Shacharit (morning) liturgy. The music of this album is modern and meaningful, the lyrics simple and inspirational for listeners of every age. The hope is to distill values that can be meaningful in a developmentally appropriate way to children and their families that will educate and inspire these families to live and to play by some of these ideas.




1) Thank You! (Modah/Modeh Ani)
2) OMG! (Mah Tovu)
3) My Body (Asher Yatsar)
4) I Like G*D and G*D Likes Me (Ashrey)
5) Let It In, Let It Out (Elohai)
6) Makin’ Music (Psalm 150)
7) To Infinity and Beyond (Barchu)
8) Echad Means One (Sh’ma)
9) La La Love (V’ahvta)
10) Gonna’ Make Peace (Oseh Shalom)
11) Dancin’ Song (Ivdu Et HaShem BSimcha)
12) 100 Blessings


"I didn't grow up in the kind of Jewish community that davened in the morning- I thought that was only for more 'religious' Jews- this CD showed me how that ritual can be meaningful to me and my kids." 


Listen and Learn- Track 1:

Miss Emily integrates children's ideas with the 'zipper' song, Modeh Ani:

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