With a decade of experience as a Jewish music specialist, Emily understands the hard work that is required to design a music program for young children in your school. There are many variables to consider: the developmental needs of the children, the interests of each class, the Jewish holidays and celebrations dictated by the calendar, secular songs and the resources (time, manipulatives, staff, space, etc.) each need to be carefully considered. Emily has worked with many communities to support their process as they improve, coordinate and expand the role that music plays in their community’s growth. She encourages communities to find seamless ways to share music in many different ways- through singing, listening, videos, and digital sharing to maximize the impact of your efforts. 
Miss Emily can design a program that includes staff or clergy training online or in person, the creation of a curriculum and support in it's implementation by your staff, and/or an evaluation of your current practice to discover areas of opportunity. This service can be added to any other engagement that you procure.

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